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IronMit Catchers Glove Padding

Reducing the sting from catching the ball in the palm of the hand!


What is IronMit?

Catchers equipment padding

IronMIt is specifically designed to protect baseball and softball catcher's hands among all ages. We know that often times you accidentally catch the ball in the wrong spot of your glove such as your palm. IronMit is a padding insert into catchers gloves that helps protect the catcher's hand when the ball is caught there. IronMit covers the palm of the hand along with the pointer, middle and ring fingers providing comfort and protection to the catchers hand. Once inserted, it stays in place thanks to its adhesive backing which makes sure that you never have to worry about it falling out or losing it in your bag, it simply stays in the same place all the time.

Although IronMit was designed for catchers, it does not have to be limited to just catcher's gloves. We've had people use them in the slow pitch softball leagues in their fielding gloves to help protect there hands against the sting of a line drive hit right at them that they catch in their palm. IronMit can fit just abut any glove that you would like including first basemen's gloves.

About Us

Built to Last


IronMit has lasted in everyday catcher's gloves for up to 3 years. IronMit has been tested everyday in the field and has proven to last the test of time.

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We listen to our customers even if it is on new merchandise recommendation. We want to hear your feedback and want to produce a product that you will love.

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Send us an email any time of the day and we will respond as quickly as we can. We love your feedback and feel that it makes us work harder to make a better product for you guys.

Aiming to be Affordable

We know that our customers spend plenty of money on the tools that get the job done, such as your bat. So that is why Ironmit is priced at an affordable price. The gear behind the scenes can be instrumental to a players success so that's why we want everyone to have zero hesitation when buying an IronMit.

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